Providing flexible, efficient, freelance PA services, marketing support and project assistance for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Juggling work

It maybe that you are tied up with one project and want someone to deal with some day to day aspects of your business or maybe you need someone to help put a plan together or help organise an event.

The best part is that by delegating work you don’t have the hassle or worry of hiring staff, buying equipment for them, paying PAYE, sick pay, holiday pay or any other associated costs, leaving you free to concentrate on more important projects.

Why a freelance PA or Assistant?

As freelances we are not employees so you don’t need to stress or worry about recruitment, PAYE, pensions, holiday cover, sickness or other benefits.

We work from our own fully functional home office, so no need for you to buy a computer, desk, provide heating or air conditioning. Although if your close by we can come into the office too!

All work is tracked with time tracking software so you only pay by the minute for the time we spend working for you.

In return all you receive is 1 invoice a month!

We Thrive On Creativity, Intuition & Determination.

Tasks we could help you with:

• Diary / email management
• Arranging travel
• Organising workshops, customer calls
• Exhibitions and event organisation

The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

• Presentation or proposals design
• Typing of letters, minutes, reports
• Fulfilment of client paperwork
• Mail merge / e-shots


• Invoicing
• Research
• Dictation and transcription
• Questionnaire and form design

Assistant /PA

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner it can be difficult juggling all the demands of running a business whilst delivering to customers or clients. Even with improve technology there is still only so many hours in a day!

A freelance or virtual PA or assistant can be really invaluable in helping keep everything running smoothly. Whether you need regular assistance or occassional support, our service works so that you delegate work when it suits you and your budget.

So if you think some assistance would be helpful then give Lucy a call on 07875 268575or email her on

You have nothing to lose as our advice is completely free!


Ideal for businesses who struggle with keeping their marketing efforts up because they are busy delivering their service to customers! We can help deliver and keep up marketing activity or even write a marketing plan for you.

Your success is our success and therefore, we like to work closely with you, continually reviewing and adapting your marketing plan to ensure that its maximising your marketing impact and delivering the right results.

From strategic plans to tactical delivery we have worked in the business to business (b2b), business to consumer (b2c) and charity sectors for over 15 years.

Our service is flexible, so for some clients we work on a project basis whilst others prefer us to provide monthly support, ensuring that all their marketing is delivered on time, on budget.

Prioritise helps people who have great ideas write business or project plans to get move their idea into reality
Minutes on the Phone
Cups of Coffee
Paragraphs Written

Marketing Planning

Marketing plans are a blue print for developing your business. It states clearly what it is you want to achieve, the actions to be taken, the time scale, the budget and how it will be measured. A good plan gives everyone in the business focus and enables you to work towards the same goal – success.

Our approach to marketing planning is summed up in a simple diagram called the Prioritise 7Ps of planning. Our aim is to listen, research and develop plans by engaging clients at all stages.

So whether you are a business or an entrepreneur we’ll find a solution that suits your needs, culture and budget.

For a free, no obligation, chat give Lucy a call on 07875 268575 or email

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We predominantly work with small businesses and busy professionals so we know projects and plans often get put to one side whilst you are busy ‘getting on with work’.

Having someone you can discuss a project with who then goes away and works out the details and prepares a plan to support your new business venture or project can be the difference between the project taking off or being left to gather dust or worse competitors getting their first!

Not everyone loves planning like we do, for some planning is something they want to do themselves, whilst for others they don’t have the inclination or time to sit down and get involved in the detail.

So, if you are considering some assistance then give Lucy a call on 07875 268575 or email her on or complete the form.

Prioritise provides flexible, efficient, virtual PA services, marketing services and project/event management services for busy people, businesses and entrepreneurs.

It maybe that you are tied up with one project and want someone to deal with the day to day matters for you or you could just need someone with expertise to organise and coordinate a event or project for you.

We all know the analogy ‘time is money’ by prioritising and delegating work to us you are free to concentrate on more important projects without the hassle, red-tape and costs of hiring permanent or temporary staff.

Prioritise 7Ps of Planning Process diagram

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